Hi, I’m Samantha

I’m an American operatic mezzo-soprano living in Munich, Germany. When I’m not singing, I’m spending time outdoors, cooking delicious plant-based meals, exploring the city I’m performing in, and looking for ways to live more simply and sustainably. If you’re curious to know more about my singing, you can check out my website here

Since first learning about the Zero Waste movement in 2018, I’ve become passionate about living a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. After building zero waste habits into my everyday routine to become just about second nature, I found myself watching the documentary “What The Heath” on Netflix. After seeing this new perspective, I was so inspired that I gave up #meatlessmondays to being a #poweredbyplants vegan overnight! These simple changes I’ve implemented in my lifestyle were all motivated by my own environmental and ethical values and aspiration in order to make more music and less waste. And as a result of becoming more mindful with my actions, I transformed my health, and even cured my migraines by surprise!

The name of this blog came from a hashtag I’ve been using on my singing Instagram for the last few years… It’s been a way to document the travel and excitement that is a wonderful part of my job. Now it only feels right to call my blog Mezzo Adventures, too, because what is life but one big adventure?